First date...well sort of?

Chatting with this guy on the phone and on fb. We planned to meet on the weekend for a dinner date. Kept commenting on fb and chatting with me, flirting talking til 1am...he said he wanted a nice girl and that I was really nice. I was honest with him and said I was nervous about meeting him and that I was not a "hot" girl by any means. He said he didn't care. We had a good time on the weekend, laughing, and a nice dinner.

He's commented once on my fb status and hasn't chatted with me since. Was the chemistry just not there or did I do something wrong?

went out on Saturday...he made a fb comment on Monday when I wrote something...and that's it
yeah, I don't think the connection was there for him... he did the look up and down/checking out thing and he was a perfect gentleman the entire night. It happened this weekend. He' commented on one of my posts yesterdday...but no chatting or calls.


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  • As in yesterday or LAST monday?

    If we're talking 24 hours here, you have nothing to be freaking out about.

  • How long has it been since the last time you guys were in contact?