Guy says he wants relationship but acts differently?

i met a guy about a month ago. From the beginning he kept trying to hang out with me every single day- it was too much for me. He insisted on how he wanted a relationship.. but that Friday night he acted really weird- went from submissive to domineering, and Saturday, he stood me up- he said he had to 'take his dad to the hospital' and said he'd text me later, but didn't. So he kind of ruined my weekend. He also called me 'honey' through text as if we were together. I was like ok, this guy is lying, red flag etc. I confronted him and he got mad and threatened to stop talking to me.

Next week, he did it again- he was available all week- but we only hung out twice. We got intimate too. That Friday he tried to get intimate but something happened last min and i didn't feel good. He left and we had plans Saturday again. from 6-11pm he was missing. I got mad and drove out of town- he texted me at 11pm saying he overslept- he didn't sleep that night true- but again it was all fishy. I didn't care and said it's ok but then he accused me of seeing my ex--which upset me.. and it ruined it all. we got into a huge fight and he AGAIN threatened to stop talking to me. He even said "no i dont want anything else i want a RELATIONSHIP." i said u want a rel but u stand me up on the weekends? that next week he was BARELY available for me, and saw me once and we got intimate. Then, he disappeared all week and was playing games. Now he wasn't hanging with me at all. At one point he did say "baby all i think about is u and i miss you." but he'd say "im tired and going to bed." the week before it was "when do you want me to come over."?

now this jerk ignores me all weekend and texts me this morning saying "oh so NOW u unblock me nice." as if i had him blocked? what kind of psycho is he--i told him off.. and told him to leave me alone...


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  • yeah i have dealt with a guy like this. well similar to this who would say all the things i want to hear and sounded so convincing at first and kept comin in and oout my life but stood me up so much and just didn't pursue like he said he was. smh

    Guys like this are not serious about us. they dont want a relationship clearly drspite what they say. They are just talking. Guys like this love to talk to get what they want from us... sex or to eventually get it... or just keeping your around and when we keep talkin to them after they know they messed up, it becomes a real game to them.

    its simple. They just dont care enough about us to show what they say and they play these games that makes no sense. i know there is this sense of hope that we have which is why we kept dealing with them but if nothing is changing and they dont follow through on anything they say, listen to your instinct and end it for good. He is not worth your time.

    • oh yes.. that is so true--i know there are these types out there--who say they want something but it's all talk to manipulate you, but sometimes yeah when ur dealing with it, it's hard to put around your finger- like you know it but you don't... and yes it's like a game to them.. they're messed up people.. so sad and such jerks... sorry we both had to go through this... thanks

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    • oh yeah, that's true... im sure many do that too. They seem to be twisted or just sick people. This guy was constantly saying he wants a relationship- even if i said i wasn't sure. They want to get in your head and yes manipulate.. just weird people out there and yes then they try to blame you.. just creeps...

    • yeah and at that moment, when i realized this guy should have never been in my life off and on, it should have stayed off, i totally closed that chapter. Im done with guys like that who clearly do not really want us but love to talk like they do. Actions is what we are to look at. Not hitting this until you show me you are worth it.

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  • A) Why do you keep sleeping with him?
    B) Is 2 days a week not enough to see each other at the beginning of a relationship?

    I think you sabotaged it by expecting too much from him too soon and now it seems as though he only wants one thing from you, and since you keep giving it to him he's going to continue to do it and he's going to do it on his own terms.

    • i haven't slept with him yet we've just gotten intimate.. i also didn't expect too much he's the one who kept hanging out every single day, then started acting shady...

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    • no... he's the one who wanted to spend everyday with me!! i didn't... reread what i wrote.. seriously.. then on the weekend he STOOD me up and left me hanging.. ur not making any sense... i got upset b/c he made plans with me and left me hanging... twice

    • what is wrong with you... learn some reading comprehension...

  • Believe in actions not in words.

  • This guy is not relationship material

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