Why do girls delay/wait a certain amount of time before texting back, lets say 1-2 hours? & why do girls seem "Warm" In person, but "Cold" over text?


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  • If a girl does those things there's a good chance she's not that interested or interested at all. Or she's really really childish and still needs to grow up.

    • Yeah, this might sound weird, but I actually timed how long she would take to respond to a text I sent before. Guess what I sent her... Just a period (.) and nothing else XD and she surprisingly took exactly 2 hrs to read it lol But ummm, after she responded with a "Hey", I waited yet another 2hrs (A little less I guess:3) and sent her a response back. Afterwards she responded rather quickly (3mins), from there we continued to have a nice conversation for an hour or so. During this conversation I took about 5 mins each time, her about the same or a little longer haha. So what do you think? & thanks for the comment! :)

    • Maybe she was busy previously?

    • Nope, probobly not bcs it was the weekend and she was on social media etc, and umm it was "Exactly" 2hrs

  • I do it with the one i'm interested in so that he doesn't think my life is all around him basically. But in reality all I want is him to text me back lol.
    I think other girls share the same reason

    • So you're saying this girl is interested in me? :P Well maybe she is actually is just playing mind games with me over text, bcs in person she is so lively and happy to see me etc... She has never complimented me on my looks verbally, but she always likes my selfies on social media (Fb & Instagram) So I think she might think I'm physically attractive as well, like I feel for her (I like her for much more too tho haha) But yeah... Thanks for the comment! :)

    • For the sake of all guys everywhere,,, you hav got to stop doing this. This shit has GOT TO GO!!!
      When i was younger i used to go apeshit insane over this. Its much later that i realized i just could do the same or decide not to bother

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  • Iys just one of those things man.
    They are still testing the waters when they are doing this. It means they aren't truly committed. A committed girl in a relationship doesn't do that stuff anymore with her boy. At least thats how it was in my case. Also, the mpre ayyracted she is tp you, the quicker she will reply, even if you two aren't a thing. And lastly, if you want, you can play hard to get as well over text. Works on some girls. But personally, i hate these games...

    • Yeah we aren't a thing yet, but I feel like there is something there between us... Anyways I was wondering the same thing, is she playing hard to get and just delaying her text just to make me think about her more... She always responds, but rather its gonna be a quick or a delayed response, who even knows anymore, bcs I don't haha. Don't get me wrong, she does respond right away sometimes, but that's rare and its not like she doesn't like me. She's always so friendly and happy to see me in person, but over text, that's a different story. Also like I said before, she once took "Exactly" 2 hrs to respond to a simple (.) text haha. So what do you think I should do? and thanks for the comment. :)

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    • Ahh I see, so you just have to beat them at their own game! In my case since I genuinely do like this girl "a lot" and do "Care" about her, its gonna be harder for me to do what you suggested... But I have actually done it before, like how she took "Exactly" 2hrs to respond to one of my text like I already said. I just waited the same amount of time before finally responding back. It was like magic, she "Surprisingly" not "Surprisingly" responded back pretty fast bcs of that haha So I'm pretty sure she is playing games with me for some reason now like you have suggested. and yeah your right, its probably almost always the girls who like you a little who play these silly games... Thanks a lot for the helpful feedback, and I'll definitely do what you have told me to do, which is BEAT them at their own game if they wish to play in the first place :P But thanks again, you were really helpful! :)

    • Yeah your welcome man. Even though, you kinda had it figured out already :-D.
      Well, good luck.

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