Should I Initiate Contact?

I want to make this brief: Guy who's a potential love interest, we have been on a couple great dates, and hang out in a group of mutual friends occasionally. He and I have spent some personal time together. We also love to cuddle. Cuddling just turned into sex for the first time last weekend. For the longest I've denied and fought actually liking him but I do have some genuine feelings. I can be a bit detached, but for good reason. He always initiates contact with me. I never do. Which has worked and is fine. However, after we parted that morning of sex for the first time, I have not heard from him in days. At first I thought nothing of it, but after day 4 of no contact, half of me became a tad upset. He doesn't usually go more than two days without dropping a note. So yes, one half of me is seemingly upset and one half of me is saying he has proven himself a waste so move on. Thoughts?


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  • Either he got what he wanted and moved on, or else he didn't think it was very good and moved on.


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  • A guy who went no contact after sex indicates a red flag. After sex, a guy probably would tell whether he would pursue the girl or not anymore. So either no more contact or the feelings would elevate. However in your case, either, he is too shy, if not, he just didn't feel like you guys clicked after sex. I would suggest you try to initiate a convo with him and observe his reaction. you said he kept initiating, it would be he got tired of doing so too. If he seems distant when you talk to him, well then I'm pretty sure he lose interest and you need to move on. Good luck. :)

    • Thanks. We've spoken and have an upcoming date. He initiated ;)

      I will also start putting forth a bit more effort on my end.

    • Sweet... :D

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