Your very first, first date?

okay so I'm talking about ur very first date you've ever had.

what age were you?

where did you go?

for girls and guys what were you most nervous about?

like what was on ur mind?

and how far did you go ie cuddling hand holding kissing etc.


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  • hehe I was meeting my ex boyfriend and we went to go watch The Incredibles at the theater

    i was 14? 15?...i was so nervous..i didn't want to say the wrong thing to him..

    i always ended up giggling at everything he said..he found that funny..

    i was nervous about him making a move on me while we were sitting down..i was shaking my leg most of the time..

    and the whole time I was thinking that he's so cute I should kiss him no wait..i shouldn't (indecisive)

    The furthest was a kiss..and some was nice ^-^

    i wonder what he's up to now..

    • Don't make a fuss over it.

      its nothing special. you can get evertything similar with any other guy

    • I know..we're friends..

      just good memories that was all..

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  • OH god, my first date... My first date was with this guy I had a MAJOR Crush on since the 7th grade. My friends found out, and made me ask him to a girls ask the guys to a dance. He said no. But asked me to the movies instead.

    I was 15/16. We went to go see hoodwinked ( Good movie) I got to choose and I was freaking out the whole time over what I should do, and he was very sweet. Paid for me and everything. I think the part I was most scared over was to kiss him goodnight or not to. And at the last moment I leaned over and gave him my first kiss ever! on the cheek of course.

    Two weeks later he said he liked me too much as friend. and I found a new guy to crush on like 3 days later.

    i would call it a sad first date

  • Well, let's first date happened when I was 15, and we sort of just got in his car, listened to music, and grabbed some Thai food. I guess I was most nervous about being inexperienced, because he was 19, in a band, and really gorgeous. I also was scared that he'd lose interest because I considered myself a nerd and have never really been the flirtatious type. I guess that's why we made out in the backseat of his car (first kiss too =p). I regretted it a little afterward to be honest...but ultimately it's a fond memory. :)

  • Haha mine was when I was about 15/16 and I met up with a guy id kissed at a party and we went to the movies. I was so nervous about whether he'd make a move on me in the movies and what I would do if he did. But we ended up just kissing again, and he also asked me out properly

  • Do study dates count? Or no? Cause that was my first date. I was 15, we went to a coffee place to study and afterwards went out to dinner.

    • Idk did you guys call it a date if so then yes thanx for the answer

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