So, the guy I'm seeing has taken to rubbing my belly?

I've recently started seeing a new guy and I spent the weekend with him there. It started with a walk which then led to me going back to his for coffee and I ended up staying the night in his spare room. He lay on top of the covers with me, and even covered me when I was cold.

Anyway, I noticed that night I was sitting on his knee, kissing. He had already caressed most of me, but took to rubbing my stomach, even after we finished kissing.

Then last night we were lying watching a film. After a little while, he lay his head on my tummy and began to rub it in circular motions. He actually fell asleep on my belly in the end up.

I like it and all I guess. I've just never had a guy rub my stomach like that before. Is there any particular rhyme or reason to it?

  • He's being romantic towards you.
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  • He sees you as being the mother of his kids.
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  • This means nothing.
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  • He's trying to comfort himself.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • i don´t know but i kind of like touching a female belly too xD i don´t think it´s about having kids but i think it´s about feeling intimate with her and it´s not as "sex"centric as straight up cuping her boobs all the time.

    • That could be correct then! I enjoy it, it's so sensual :)

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    • lol i thought you were in a relationship already xD yeah for somebody you only started seeing it´s a little weird xD

    • No we've seen each other like 5 times! It's brand new :) haha

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  • my guy does the same thing, and we're definitely not having any kids, so i just chalk it up to him being the hopeless romantic that he is lol.


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