How long should you wait to ask a girl that you like on a date?

There is this girl that I like, though I hadn't really talked to her directly too much. I have seen her around where I am for 3 years, but I never really started to like until 2 months ago. I know she doesn't have a boyfriend. We do occasionally stare at each other only for her to look away soon after, but other than that she hasn't really shown any signs. Should I ask her out and get to know her better, or is it too early?


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  • You've seen her for three years, but you didn't start to like her until two months ago. Well the staring is a sign that she likes you. But then again you might just be a bit of eye candy for her. I think you should do your homework on her first and getvto know her a little better before you go asking her out. You've already established that she doesn't have a boyfriend but looks aren't everything, personality comes first. Whatever you do, don't leave it another two years before you decide to talk to her or she'll just get fed up , lose interest and move on. I've seen it too many times before and I've also been through it before. A guy had a crush in me about 3 or 4 years ago. All the signs were there and I had reciprocated. All he would do was stare at me, follow me around, stand next to me pretending he was busy. He was incapable of initiating a conversation with me. Unfortunately I don't take shy guys by the hand. I was one shy myself and had no choice but to overcome my shyness and fear of rejection. He procrastinated for two years, I felt like he was messing me around, by the time he looked like he was going to approach me. I walked away. Its better knowing where you stand rather than thinking what if? If you have ample opportunity to talk to her, then please act on it before its too late. Don't miss out on a good opportunity like the guys in my example. Best of luck. :)

  • less than 5 seconds after u realize u like her

    • So you believe that the moment you realize you like someone you should ask them out?

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    • Too soon, you don't know anything about her just after 5 secs of realisation that you like her. When I like a guy I'll approach him and talk to him, just general chit chat. Get to know him a little better. If I find out he's got a girlfriend. I'll still talk to him but I just forget about asking him out. If he's single and giving me signals that he likes me too, I'll ask him out for a coffee or a few drinks. Basically doing your homework on them first is a foolproof way to avoid the embarrassment and rejection.

    • Why would you wait on your crush? The way I look at it, is the person that has the crush should be the one to make the first move. You need to learn, that not every woman will take you by the hand. I learned that with my past crushes on guys, none if them took me by the hand when I was shy. I knew I wasn't going to get very far, so I overcame my shyness and fear of rejection. If it was her that was your crush, its you that's missed the chance. Not her. Even if I know that a guy likes me, if he's incapable of talking to me and waits too long. I'll lose interest and move on.

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  • Girls know that you like them in the way you look at them. If you dither and don't ask her out, she'll reject you eventually cuz you don't have the balls to ask her out like a man.

    • My thoughts exactly. I've had a few guys that had crushes on me and dithered about too long before they decided to even speak to me. I never rejected them but I just lost interest and moved on. Some of them might remain as a bit of eye candy for me. But that's all.

    • @Shorty1991 I'm just curious, can u tell that a guy likes u just by how he looks at u?

    • Yes, most of the time I can. Its not just in the eyes but I read body language too.

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