Why do I get nervous around girls who use misleading pictures?

So today I met a girl off POF that I talked to for the past week who used very misleading pictures and info. She said she was average, took pictures at angles and mugshots. Sent a full body pic as well and then when I meet her she had a massive gut, her pants didn't even fit, and she had a massive double chin.

I'm not superficial by any means but I literally had no attraction and wanted to end the date early. Wasn't going to insult her but no point in leading her on. I ended it 20-30 minutes after meeting her and I noticed when I was talking to her I felt a little nervous and might have stumbled on words.

The thing I've noticed is, I don't feel nervous around girls I do find physically attractive but ones who I have literally no attraction to, due to misleading pictures.

Why do you think this is? Is it that they deceived and it feels awkward due to the deception. Is it because I don't wanna lead them on but not flat out insult them?

I still don't see why people use misleading pictures and info. It's not doing favors for anyone.

To me, it's like interviewing with a company over the phone that seems promising and then once you have the face to face meeting, you find out it's a pyramid scheme or scam.


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  • Cos she made it awkward for you to have to confront. She's a stranger.

    • Yeah that's true. As opposed to meeting someone in person. She came off kinda clingy too. If I didn't respond in 30 minutes, she'd be like hello? Why are you so quiet? Why are you wanting to go out but not text when I was busy or relaxing.

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    • What made you decide to meet with her, were you attracted to her personality?

    • common interests, a little bit of personality, and i thought her pics were cute. She did seem a little clingy before we met though which was a turnoff. Like if I didn't respond within 30 minutes, she'd think I'm ignoring her and asking why I wouldn't wanna talk.

      Regarding appearance though, I'm not superficial but if there's no physical attraction and I mean literally none then it won't work out. Same with a girl who's cute but has no personality and has nothing in common. Gotta have a little bit of both.

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  • I can understand why you feel this way. It was wrong of her to make her profile deceiving. I would have tried to at least make the date a little longer than 30 minutes to be more gentlemanly but hey, to each their own.

    • Yeah. She drove 40 mins for the date but yeah it was hella awkward. I mean I'll be honest, i think a little bit of chubbiness on a girl can be sexy but when they're obese, have a double chin, rolls, always look pregnant, etc then it's a turn off.

      I just figure there's no point in deceiving people like that. People will like what you have or they won't. What's attractive to one may not be attractive to another.

  • Well this makes sense. Next time I won't think he's intimidated. I'll think he's just disgusted haha. Great.

    • lol. I don't think everyone acts like that. I just noticed I do, but maybe because it's that I have no interest and wanna end it early.

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    • Men do it too trust me.
      They use cars or other peoples cars to lure many girls in, but materials don't work for me I can get me own :)

    • Oh I'm sure they do. I'm not trying to single out women on this. I've heard of guys lying about height and weight too.

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