Is she making up an excuse or is she being honest?

This girl I know that I met when I moved to Florida a few months ago we been texting back and fourth time for over a year now. She texts me a lot first. So I recently took her out to dinner a week ago. So last Friday I asked her what she was doing that night and she said she thinks she's suppose to have dinner with her mom but she doesn't kno yet. And if not then she would just stay home. So I then asked do u wanna go to dinner at some nice place and she says let me text my mom and see if we're having dinner. So she tells me she texted her and about 20 min later she writes to me yea, we're going to have to go and try for another night. So I'm wondering is that just an excuse not to go with me or is she really having dinner with her mom?


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  • Has she ever rescheduled with you?

    • Yea we rescheduled for this Friday

    • So it's the first time you're meeting her? Look, if she follows through your plans, she was not using it as an excuse, but if she doesn't, then guess what?

    • No I have hung out with her when I took her to dinner a few weeks ago, so last Friday I decided to ask her out that night if she wasn't busy and I first asked what r u doing and she says she was going to dinner with her mom and had to confirm with her first that they were still going before she can commit to me and her mom confirmed and she said we have to try for another night and we agreed for this Friday

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  • She will only go out with you if she is out of other options. She is luke warm about you and there is no spark on her part. if she wants a free meal or is bored, she will contact you.

    My advice? Don't bother.

    • I'm honestly lost on ur comment, how is she luke warm? We talk all the time

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    • True, could be that but perhaps a woman that was really into a man would do anything to be with him. Either that or ask you to join them... anything to be with you.

    • Yea I get what your saying but I think that's a little too much thinking in my opinion. She did reschedule with me for this weekend. And i didn't take it bad if u have plans for the night with a family memeber I wouldn't expect u to cancel it for me.