I said I needed a break and the first thing he did was go talk to his ex?

my boyfriend and I well ex now, we had been dating for 3 months and a half. the first couple of months it was great. he doesn't drive so I would always drive to him. we live 40 minutes away so it was a pretty long drive. however I started noticing that I was the only one putting in effort to see eachother. whenever he wanted to see me all he'd say was "when can I see you babe" and that automatically meant that I had to drive to him and see him. I didn't mind at first but after it being constant it kinda bugged me. I didn't say anything and I hoped he'd think about taking a bus or uber to see me. but he never did. also keep in mind that for his ex he would take a train for 2 hours just to see her. anyways, I stopped going to see him for 2 weeks and he started saying how he missed me a lot blah blah. I invited him to a fair with my friends and I over where I live, as a test I told him I couldn't go pick him up and if he could possible find a ride. he made up so many excuses to see me and said all his friends couldn't bring him so I said whatever don't come. so he didn't come. hours later he was out with his friends. lol. a week later passed and I didn't feel a spark in our relationship anymore so I said I needed a little break from him to gather my feelings together and see where we stand. after I said that he said "goodbye..." he deleted our pictures off his Instagram and he hit his ex up. I was pretty heart broken and felt played because I never wanted a break to see anyone. All I wanted was a little bit of time for myself and to see if I still did want to be with him. so I need advice because he still wants to be with me but after what he did that out of everyone he could have possible gone too he went to his ex and told him what had happened. what would you guys do?


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  • So he will ride 2 hours worth of public trans to see his ex but not 40 minutes to see you. Sounds like his ex is a "sure thing". And he won't make the effort to come to one of your things, claiming he has no ability to. Then go hang out with other people... Wondering. Do you also pay his way when your with him?

    • no he actually pays for me when we go out to dinner

    • In that case he doesn't sound like a player. But he doesn't seem like he is in a good position to be dating either.

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  • move on from him. you let him took you for granted. he will never value like he did with his ex.
    when a guy wants to be with a girl, he will do a lot, a lot for her.

    next time, if the guy asked you to go see him, you should meet him 1/2 way or have him come to you for as long as possible. make him work for you.
    use this as a learning experience. don't get upset... just move on.

    my ex. used to come see me all the time even if its in a blizzard condition, with two trains and 2 buses and getting lost.
    He said "goodbye..." move on hun...

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