I think I'm falling for my girlfriend's best friend?

Okay so listen guys I am dating my girlfriend since 10 months now and I love her I really do.. but for the last month there is something happening to me and i have no clue what to do about it because I can't I wish I can.. so to understand my situation i have to tell it from the beginning so please hang on with me... at the beginning of my relationship with my girlfriend in our 5 date I went with her on a double date me her and her best friend and one of my friends... I meat my girlfriend's best friend and to be honest she didn't like me and I didn't like her not because how she look ( she is beautiful ) I mean because I had the wrong idea about her I thought she's just a party girl and a bad person and the only thing she care about is herself but with time after 9 months from my 10 months relationship I saw how I really misjudged her she is a great person and she's not a party girl as I thought so honestly she is just kind amazing loving person and I started to have some feelings for her but I thought she don't like me because I'm an outlander I'm half Turkish half Spanish and she's a German girl ( one of my misunderstood about her..) believe me I'm not trying to say that Germany people racist the most are so nice friendly and kind but some aren't... anyway i buried my feeling with sadness.. deep in my heart... until 2 weeks I meat her again with my girlfriend of course and she was nice and friendly to me ( by way I meat her many time and she always give me hugs ) and before me and my girlfriend said goodbye my eyes meat her eyes for few seconds and I saw something can't tell what it was but she felt it too in those few seconds so when I came home and i was like woow she really changed

before 1 week me and my girlfriend went to her place because she moved out to a new one so it was a small moving in party she was nice and friendly but this is normal because it's a party and I'm here girlfriend's boyfriend so I didn't think about at all until we started drinking and she was always giving me drinks at the end we were the only two drinking and when we say cheers she was looking so deep in my eyes with a big smile just like we did before 2 weeks
and promise it's not a normal friendly look it's a look with deep desire any way after that me my girlfriend and she with some guy from the party went for a walk and it was 1 am to smoke and walk a little bit every time I kissed my girlfriend she was making joke about it like ehww such a stuff and she came so close to me so we continue walking and laughing and really having some good time by the way just me and her were a litter drunk after a while I told her in front of my of my girlfriend...


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  • You told her you liked her in front of your girlfriend?

    • There is more to what happened but I can't update " finish what happened " for some reason but yes I think everyone undstood it as a friend

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    • Honestly yes I think but the problem this will cause so much pain to all of us

    • I think you should dump your girlfriend stop talking to her best friend. If you can't see I future with someone then you shouldn't be with them. And dating her friend is an awful things to do so you should stop talking to her, if you're meant to be you will meet her later in life.

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  • Okay... One big problem. You have a girlfriend. You have something good going for yourself, and you're just willing to throw it away for her best friend... Not the most intelligent idea.

    And it's not spelled "meat" it's "met"

    • Sorry English is not even my 4th Language after all I'm half Spanish half Turkish who live in Germany