How soon can you fall in love with someone? Does love at first sight really exist?

Better tell from experiences :)


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  • I don't believe in love at first sight in fact I'm kinda iffy on that "love" but considering the question, I think you get a crush on someone at first sight and then after getting to know them better you fall in "love" with that someone

    • That's a fairly normal procedure.
      I'm just curious could it be possible that the first time you see someone, you think she's the one @@

    • It may be but I don't believe so.

    • Gotcha :)

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  • It takes me a while to fall in love with someone, no idea why. I can tell if I'm attracted to or intrigued by a person quick enough, but I've never fallen in love immediately with anybody in my life.

    • How do you tell if you are intrigued in a short time?
      What's the determining point?

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    • I would assume that applies to most people, but I need a personality to remain interested.

    • Yup sure :)
      That what makes the interest last :)

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  • I don't know about love. But infatuation sure.
    I liked a woman named Tara, and still do after several years (4 years last met). Never asked her out even when she gave me all the signs, since I wasn't ready.

    • Why are you not ready even after such a long time? Just curious.

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    • Yes, you're a terrible person. ;)

      But thank you for your kind words.

      You wouldn't have asked the question if you're at least a little bit of a romantic. It's a good thing.
      From my true romance/love is rare. Rarely do you ever see a Romeo/Juliet or Marc Antony and Cleopatra kind of love these days, if ever.

    • lol Ha I forgot I asked anonymously so you couldn't see my pic :P

      I don't really need Romeo & Juliet kinds of plots to be romantic. I like being romantic in a natural way, loving and caring are good enough. Dramas are too much :P

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  • Personally, I can't fall in love at first sight. Initially , a guys appearance attracts me, but it's his personality that I fall in love with. So I need to know a guys personality traits , qualities and values before I would reserve a place in my heart for him, and fall in love

    • It's the most normal and stable procedure for liking someone :)
      I'm not that type either but wonder whether there are.

  • No, not love at first sight but LUST at first sight and infatuation which seems like love.

    There's no set time. But my logic tells me it will take a few months if you spend a lot of time together.

    • I think infatuation or lust can better describe the first sight thing :)
      However, how soon the infatuation turns into love varies :)

    • Well said. It is really LUST at first sight.

  • It is fiction only. A couple of meetings indicate if one love's other.

    • Well yep, I guess it is :)

  • I've fallen in love with someone in a week. I'm still in love with him.

    • Wow cool :)
      How did you meet him?
      And what made you fall so soon?

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