Ladies, why is kissing in the rain so sexy?

What makes it so damn sexy to you? Just getting wet outside? Because I have a pool you know...

What about snow, or some other type of precipitation? Hail maybe? All I ever hear about is rain.


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  • Its because they always get wet... zing.


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  • Maybe its the significance of classic movies (i.e breakfast at tiffany's)

    I don't know about "sexy" but I know that its just a moment of what you might say is called "getting caught in the rain" where you know that if you and that other person can create something so sweet out of an un-expected moment you know that you really can connect with that person through thick and thin.

  • Because you get to luxuriate in two pleasant sensations simultaneously.

    That, or because every girl wants to live the fantasy in which she's kissing George Peppard.


What Guys Said 1

  • because they see it on tv, in movies, and read about it in romantic novels.

    • This is one of the things I am confused about because it is unoriginal. I mean I'm sure I would enjoy it, but the reactions I see on this site seem unreasonable to the whole scenario.

    • It's the same as if you watch a movie and there's a nice hot car in it and you want it and it'd be nice to have and for it to happen to you but who the f*** cares.

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