Girls, Girls do you take Tinder seriously or not? If I get relatively few matches does that make me unattractive or is Tinder just kind of a joke?

I live near a university town and I completely exhausted the tinder people near me and got about 30 ish matches total. Now I was selecting only very attractive girls (like I do in person) I admit I have high standards but I see friends get tons of matches left and right and I get one out of like literally 30 I'd say and that's using my super likes. Now I'm not ugly I'm not a casenova either if I had to rate myself I'd say I'm a 6, I'm very slender but toned and in shape (runner) average height and good facial aesthetics however I do shave my head from a time when I lost hair which yes it's gone permanently. So I do have a bald head but most say I rock it given my face etc. anyway I don't expect to find my wife on Tinder and I only want something real so for me it always was more just a game/joke etc. but with those few of matches it got me worried, girls is Tinder an accurate representation of attractiveness? Or are there guys you swipe no on you would actually date in person?

  • Tinder is not a good representation of who a girl will actually date, don't worry even with those few of matches you will be fine in the real dating scene.
    60% (3)
  • With those few of matches you should be worried.
    40% (2)
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  • Tinder isn't anything lol. It's purely image based blah blah blah, and not all girls are on there to find someone (it's sometimes just for attention). I wouldn't worry, guys typically get less matches anyways, it's nbd.