Am I being unreasonable in relationship?

I need people to tell me whether i'm being unreasonable or not.. because this has caused a massive argument and possible break up!

I finished work at 4, the boyfriend finished work at 4.30 (he normally finishes way later than that - like 6/7pm). Yesterday he blew me off and told me he'd see me tonight instead. I thought as he'd finished work early, we were going to have an evening together. He could have had done his normal routine, but had an early nap and gone to the gym earlier, but instead.. he decided not to compromise at all and instead went for an extra long nap and went to the gym at the normal time until 9.30pm meaning we have no time together at all. This has really pissed me off, because I feel as if he doesn't make time for me.. and only sees me when it suits him.

As i've said this has caused a massive argument, am I over reacting and being selfish? I need some opinions please. x


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  • Fault on both sides.

    He wasn't obligated to see you early because you got off early. However since he promised to spend time with you today to make up for yesterday he should have found time to spend time with you either around the time he normally gets off work or after going to the gym after 9:30 if you was up.

    Either way this shouldn't be a possible break up agruement. If it is then there are other things going on (or this has happened a lot in the past). But going based off one incident I think both of you need to find common ground.


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  • It's not a massive argument its simply weighing out priorities and both have to make an effort, when someone doesn't show me the same. its harder for me to even want to see their side.


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  • I think you're overreacting. It seems your boyfriend is quite busy with his job or at least works long hours so he was probably looking forward to having some extra "me time" or down time to just relax and do his own thing. I know it I got off work a little early the first thing I'd want to do is go home and nap lol doesn't mean I love my boyfriend any less or that I don't want to see him. I just know if I'm tired And I get a chance to take a nap or relax I'm going to take it!

  • Be a supporter for him. What you shared seemed like you are creating extra stressed.
    Keep yourself busy, have your own life. When he calls you up, update him. Ask how was his work out? He will appreciate you more.

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