Do you ever feel sad or like "BLAH" after a potential love interest fails, even if you were never in a relationship?

I'm experiencing some sorrow and just overall "bleh" feeling with life.. End of April I met this guy.. Seriously have never been so stoked about anyone before. Everything to his name was lovely. He wasn't perfect of course but I just was soo enamored with him.

Things are fizzling between us. Mostly because he doesn't want commitment with anyone now and maybe I'm a bit inpatient, but I also know how I want to be treated. That said, I have to walk away from this... And it's really sad to me.. Bc of the what could have been thought. I'm not going to say goodbye to him, I'll just stop trying and I'm sure he won't come after me. It just sucks because I like him a lot and I was so excited about the thought of being in his life... It all felt too good to be true, and I guess it was bc now I haven't heard from him in a few days and it just feels like he lost interest. And then I see new girls following him on Instagram and him following back. I catch on to people's change of behavior easily and I don't know I'm just sad. Maybe I came on too strong, I don't know. I just was really down for the guy. Ugh this sucks. I hate dead ends with people :( mostly bc I know I'd give them my best.

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  • Every single time I meet someone new, I develop hopes that this is The One. My hopes and desires tend to color my perception and I overlook flaws and imperfections. Within 3-4 weeks, I begin to realize that the person who I have really met is not like the image I have constructed in my head, and disappointment sets in. . . unless my new interest is The One.

    You feel more deeply, so the highs are higher but the lows are lower. You are a hopeful romantic and you are suffering from one of our occupational hazards. This, too, shall pass.


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  • Yeah I know how you feel, I went through similar recently. And then soon after, he got in a committed with someone else. I ended our "friendship".

  • Yes, of course.