Should I forget my crush or should I wait for it?

I have a crush on a guy at my school i'm turning 17 soon and he's maybe 18 or 19 it all started a year ago.. I was waiting for my bus and the I saw him since then he nearly always look at me when I'm around an i look at him too. The first months it was more secretly but after a time it became more and more obvious. I'm way too shy to talk to him becaus he's always with his friends. He kinda looks a bit shy too but I don't know. Also his friends and the girls from his class look at me. Once i went out of the class to get myself some lunch and suddely he and his friends all turned around and looked at me. I sometimes smile at him when none of his classmates is around and he always smiles back at me and i think it's really cute..
But the last times he kind of gives me mixed signals such as ignoring me or not recognizing me when I'm around even though he knows I'm just a few metres away. But i also have to say if he's with his friends i act like this too just because i'm scared of him to just look at me because he's thinks it's funny. He also has a female friend in my age and always when i see them talking i feel like they are flirting, but my friends say that everyone with eyes would see that they're just friends. I really hope that he will talk to me at th school party next week..

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  • The Key to sneaking into a guys heart is basically being his friend. If he doesn't notice you, you need to be his friend. Eventually he'll let down his guard and if he liked you a lot he would eventually come clean about liking you or you will get to the place where you can tell him you liked him.

  • Wait until next week
    If nothing happens then don't be upset instead come to me so that I can hit on you 😂 LOL :P

  • You should talk to him. You said that sometimes when you look at him and smile he smiles back and if this has happened a few times there is a chance that he likes you too. You also said that he sometimes ignores you when you're really close, and that could mean that he is just to shy or scared to look at you when you're that close. I have had a few crushes and I used to do that to, not because i didn't want to look at them, but because I didn't really know what to do if we made eye contact and I was afraid that it would be awkward and she would think that i was weird or something. You should try to small talk with him, about anything, and just go from there.


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