What kind of pics should I use?

I'm thinking about making an online dating/Tinder profile (I know, I know. I don't know why either), and I can't think of what types of pics to use. Should I

A) use awesome gym selfies of my hot bod,

B) use selfies of me during/after mountain/off-road biking to show my not-so-various hobbies (note: probably will be red-faced, exhausted, and disheveled, but shows I do stuff outside),

C) use douchey selfies of me playing my guitar to show I'm somewhat talented/artistic and barely cultured,

D) use pics of me and other peoples pets because I have none and apparently chicks dig pets (?). Will likely have to use strangers' pets; kinda weird but slim chance it could work

E) use pics of me with random drunk dudes and chicks I met for 20 seconds, long enough to get said pics, because chicks dig social status, preapproval, and all my friends are too lame to go to the bars,

F) use em all!

or G) just don't try because online dating's for suckers and has a huge failure rate if you're a dude.

Please advise. Thanks.

  • Show off them pecs and arms
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  • Red-faced and sweaty hobbies; oh so sexy
    Vote B
  • Douchey shred selfies
    Vote C
  • Beauty and other people's beasts
    Vote D
  • Bar bros and hoes
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  • It's all deadly
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  • Abort mission and throw computer off 10th floor balcony
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Come on guys. This is a super serious question.


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  • Pose with a beaver. Make it your only photo.


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  • The type of personality you want to project on to women depends on your goals. Douchy pics for fucking, normal pics for anything else.


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