So a couple days ago I was checking this girl out on instagram now a few days later we have meet in real life?

she was friends with some girls I know from around here , I guess that's how I saw her profile online , I think she is absolutely stunning and all that , blonde just beautiful , athletic , and works as a server at this higher end restaurant. I hadn't really actually meet her before although had seen her once before at bar and might of tried to say hi but she didn't seem to notice me.
so on Saturday I had checked her out online and really was impressed and never though I'd be meeting a few days later.
on Saturday night I dropped by the restaurant she works at as I had been there often over the years but she's new so hadn't been there since she started , she kind of noticed me check her out as she walked by and some point later sort of ran into each other in parking lot but didn't talk.
then things get really interesting , is this bar that's busy here on Monday nights , know that might be hard to believe but it is and a lot of the people who work at that restaurant go there and of course she was there partying with them and doing shots , I could of done a shot with her as i was rate beside her at bar but I don't really do those. she definitely noticed me and seemed kind of into me.

when we were leaving I saw her talking to some people outside and walked by , then she walked by me again and like touched me on my back and said I was cool of chill guy and told me her name , she just had this look in her eyes that she really liked me. I mentioned I'd see her again sometime soon and really don't know where to try and take things from here? I didn't really consider her a realistic option and I know a lot of her gf's and co-workers so it could get messy if they find out I like her more but she's just a stunner and be worth the trouble , but it just seems so bizarre that I'd be checking her out online with no though that a couple days later I'd be meeting her and physically beside her in real life , it seems so weird , I'm not sure where to take this next


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  • to me it sounds like you stalking her

    • I've only looked at her instagram profile twice and saw her twitter but she didn't post much there. I went to that restaurant a lot before she started to work there , so I was there first , I've also been to that bar a lot as well, its not like I went there just for her , anyways she seems to like me so I doubt she'd care I looked at her profile , she likely wants attention anyways

    • i didn't mean stalking on the internet , i meant you seem to try to be at the places where she goes. You maybe used to go tot he restaurant and bar etc before but i think those times you describing you went there so you can see her. Right?

    • mostly I went to those places with the intent of meeting younger women , not necessary her specifically , I would of went there this summer anyways , I had been there late may one weekend and didn't even know she worked there at time

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