What if the guy suddenly started to date one of your hot friends?

what if some guy you knew and had been interested in suddenly and unexpectedly started to date a really good looking girl you were friends with but he previously didn't even know. no had like no clue this was going to happen but it did. would you like care? would jealously take over? would you try and ruin things?


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  • I'd be sad and hurt but that's all in my head. He can do whatever he wants with whoever he wants.


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  • I'd be like... another one bites the dust lol.

    • so your saying you'd move on?

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    • Don't listen to her, another one bites the dust doesn't mean she's moving on, what she really means is her hot friend is taken to a dark ally where she is beat up and thrown in a dumpster.

    • @llorando lmfao damn. You saw right through me :p

  • Yeah it would make me depressed. I wouldn't feel confediant anymore, and I would still be thinking about it years later.

    • years later? even if you hadn't actually been dating the guy? just someone you had meet and talked to

    • Ok, I see. Well, it would then... her reactions just depend on her.

    • Edited: well then... it would depend on her how she reacts.

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