The guy I'm seeing got flustered with himself for mentioning kids to me🙈😂?

So I was with the guy I'm seeing tonight and we were lying on his sofa. We making out quite a bit and were talking about bringing SO's home to meet the parents. At which I added 'that mums are usually pretty overprotective of their sons and that his mum probably wouldn't like walking in on us getting all rowdy'

He then went to reply to what I said and quickly cut himself off. He started laughing a little, and refused to tell me what he was thinking.

Then he eventually admitted 'I'd just tell my mum that's the only way she's ever going to get grandkids' and then got extremely flustered and told me he was 'embarrassed that he'd just thought about kids' I was just like... ok 😂 And kinda laughed as he seemed overly stressed about it haha.

I just found it really weird though because this is a guy who doesn't even seem to want kids, at all. Yet, he brought the idea up. I went on to say 'well, maybe your mum would like me then since, I'd give her grandkids... but just not right now' and he then replied 'yeah I'm not ready for kids anytime soon'

so I guess I'm wondering, what was that all about? 😂

  • Maybe he's realising he wants kids, with you.
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  • This means nothing.
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  • This was a strange comment.
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  • It was weird he got embarrassed.
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  • i think he wants kids with you but he doesn't wanna admit it

    • Well I thought that too. Just the way he reacted and stuff... plus we were angling at his mum meeting me anyway so I was kinda the topic of that converstaion. And his mum has mentioned recently to him that she wants grandkids

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    • Maybe you're right enough... 😅

Most Helpful Girl

  • Jezz, it means nothing really, you think too much into it, do you have a baby fever? My mom and dad keep 'pressuring' me for having children but they switch the channel immediately still when something erotic comes up lol even though I'm 23... And I tell them the exact same thing your guy did and I'm not even sure I want kids...

    • That's fair enough. I just found his reaction off was all

    • I can imagine. xp If my boyfriend walked in on such a scene he'd weirded out as hell.

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  • it means he wants kids in the future, with whom ever he ends up with.


What Girls Said 1

  • Doesn't really mean anything. He's just saying that his mom has to eventually accept some girl as his partner...