Guys, is it possible to predict if he will lose interest after getting physical? How can a girl make sure it won't happen? How long should she wait?


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  • i lose interest when it becomes easy and not as good as i expected

  • never wait, tell him how you feel and what you want ASAP

    • Let's say there are all signs he is serious about me, and he still did not kiss me after the 3rd time we have seen each other (included the evening we met one month ago), and that he keeps giving me all the signs even if he knows I ll leave this country in one month (I study abroad but come back here to my parents), what are the chances he ll lose interest after having gotphysical?
      I don't know if any of us is ready for a relationship, I don't know if the distance represents a problem for him. It s too soon to talk about it, but I know that I don't wish to get attached and disappointed so I m not giving myself completely. I m being myself however.

    • its important to talk to him about your intentions, but if its not important to you to decide on committing to him, why should he with you? distance is a problem for anyone especially if they dont keep in touch, but if you dont make things official than you'll lose him, and if he's the lucky type of guy who can attract girls easy and they practically dog pile over him than he'll end up with someone else. whether you kiss or get physical or not. he's obviously ready for a relationship it seems, whats your problem?