Is this how dating is now?

So the past week I've heard a few people guys and girls talk about dating this past week. Their opinions have me skeptical and a little disheartened about dating. They have all had the same opinion of doing what you want even if it involves using the other person. They all have had idea of the other persons feelings don't matter.

Is this how it is now? It makes not want to date. I want to find someone I can be a team with, not just make it about what I can get.


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  • sadly, it seems as if it's becoming a thing. i guess you just have to wade through the bullsh*t to find someone with your values.


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  • This is what dating children is like, even if they're 30.
    I reckon dating hasn't changed, but the transparency of dating has come to light in recent years because of social media.

    If you don't believe have a look on the feed. Its full of men trying to figure out women, and women trying to figure out men.

    The plain and simple of it is that dating is a gamble. You might get a selfish, loud, ignorant idiot. But isn't that what makes finding someone worth while so exciting?


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