I think this really hot girl likes me but I'm not sure how to go about getting her?

she works at this restaurant I go to and seen her at bar I go to. the first time I meet her last year I didn't think she cared much for me. but something has changed this summer , well she has a new job at that restaurant and bit more of a party girl. I've seen her a couple times in the last week and really surprised when she appeared interested in me.
she's just so hot and good looking I didn't think I'd honestly have a chance with her this summer but here she is and now I'm just about clueless where to try and take this.
should I ask for her # ? she has profiles on a bunch of social media sites I don't use so there not going to connect us.
should I try and take her on a private date? or just try and party with her at bar?
we both like to go swimming? would it be too soon to ask if she'd want to go with me at some point? I also know some of her gf's? should I ask them for advice or do you think they'd even want to help make this happen? jealous of me and her instead
don't know I just know I want this girl , she's a real keeper


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  • Ask her out for a drink

    • she seems to have an interest in drinking , I don't think she'd have a problem with that , I just don't want to turn her into an alcoholic , she was out doing shots at the bar other night

    • Going out for a couple of drinks is always a good way to relax and get to know someone :)

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  • dont do anything, let her come to you if she really wants you, and if she's as nice as you say she is, she'll approach. if not than your just getting your hopes up for a girl who shared a small moment with you, i know it sucks we guys are always hoping for a girls attention, even the little things we blow out of proportion. if it all doesn't work out just try to forget her, i know its difficult but just try. just remember most girls dont desire guys, that truth always helps me.

    • the restaurant she works at is very social , so is lots of oppurtunities to talk to her there or when she's out at other places

    • well if you want to risk being shot down by her rejecting you well thats up to you, hot girls know they can have anyone they want when they want, most decide to be lesbians, some rather be single, dont say i didn't warn ya, just looking out for you, but if you end up getting accepted well my bad.

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