I want to pash my boyfriend but I just feel nervous in front of his mates?

hey I need help I really want to pash my boyfriend at school but for some reason I just feel to nervous to do it at school I really want to when me and my boyfriend hang out just the two of us we are all over each other but I'm just to I don't know I suppose the word would be nervous to do it ... please help me a.s.a.p


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  • Something like that is bound to be nerve wracking the first time round. I'd suggest what has already been suggested. Don't do it in front of everyone if you're nervous about it dear. I'm sure there are ways you can hint at wanting more than just a simple peck on the lips when you two kiss. Start off and let him pick things up from there. Just don't go forcing something that doesn't feel right.

    • I just don't know why I'm nervous I've done stuff with him and I don't mind if people know its just pashing I just want to get over it I think I'm silly because it sounds immature .

    • You're a young girl all flustered bout kissing her boyfriend hon. Quite natural=P Not immature at all.

    • Thanks for best answer. Good luck Pash away! o.O Lol

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  • Don't kiss him in front of his mates if it makes you nervous. Instead, kiss him when it's "in the moment" or let him kiss you. You'll be happy in the end after you kissed him. Good Luck. (:

  • Pash? Please define this. (Please let this be a new word & not me getting old)?

    • She's from Australia...I think, but am not sure, it is slang along the lines of french kiss...don't quote me on that though o.O

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    • Yeah, it's Aussie for "tongue kissing"... deep kissing, french kissing, etc.

      That's the kind of slang that develops when you live on an island with kangaroos. (JK)

    • HAHAHA @ the responses! I love Aussies! Can't wait to visit there some day!

      Anyway, being nervous is normal. It may also be a sign that maybe you aren't ready for PDA (public display of affection). Maybe you can find a private area for you two to kiss, but still be seen. For example, pull him aside and kiss him, but you will still be visible to others.