Snooping, please give Advice?

I am mentally and physically drain... rant please read all and please give advice...
I have know my boyfriend pretty much my whole life. We have been dating for about 6 months. I love him dearly but I have trust issues so bad and I have to say it because all the times I have been hurt in the past for all relationships. I snoop on my boyfriend and the reason why I do it because I feel if he does something I seen it I can mentally prepared for it and if I don't snoop I feel like something will happen and it throw me off guard and hurt extremely bad. But the thing is everytime I do snoop I believe I found some type of evidence and I put it all together accuse him and we agure. I don't think he knows I snoop, because he always mention what friend of your said something now. I honestly want to stop snooping because to stressing me out like I cried about it and I want to tell my boyfriend that I do but I know if I do that might be argument so I don't know how to handle that. Also with my whole snooping, just putting things together I found out that he talks to his ex from years ago they talk once in while, this morning we talked about it he said its not what I think but it just as friend but it makes me feel insecure and it hurts my feelings and now I fee like I have snoop to prepare myself if anything happens. Like I am so mentally drain and I don't want to do it anymore but I am so scared if I do I will get hurt but I didn't see it coming which I should of if I snoop. I want to tell him everything but I don't know if I should, I iust need help on this. I promise I am not crazy I am just a women that been hurt a lot and just protecting her heart. But please anyone and everyone just help me on this


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  • First you don't trust him so the relationship is already doomed. Second unless he and his ex have a kid together there's no reason for him to be calling her especially if he's with you. How would he like it if it were reversed? This is going nowhere

    • They don't have kid together but the thing is. I always had trust issues with anyone but it seem it more when it comes to relationships. I am trying to work on it because I do love him and I don't want lose him over it

    • Yeah well his talking to his ex is insensitive and in very bad taste. I'd dump him just for that

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  • Why don't you trust him? Has he ever given you a reason?