Should I wait until our summer college classes are out in 7 weeks to ask out this girl that I like? Or should I ask her out now?

We are both in summer classes and it is a lot of work everyday. There are never really any times that we are free except when we see each other at church. I would like to ask her out now but I'm not sure if now is a good time because we are both stressing over our classes. Should I wait until after they are over and we have more time, or should I ask now with an option to wait until our classes are over in 7 weeks?

incase anyone is wondering. I am just thinking about it. I'm not going to use it as an excuse not to ask her out.


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  • Is postponing this really a good idea are are you just afraid and looking for a convenient excuse?

    • I'm not sure. it is actually more of something that I'm wondering about and it seemed like a good question. She has said a few times that she is really stressing out about her classes and homework. Dating could either be a good detraction or she could just reject it because she does not want to also deal with dating someone new now.

    • A date can be as simple as sharing lunch together. That could be a welcomed distraction during school. It doesn't need to be a high pressure situation.

    • True I'll probably ask her if she wants to go on a date and leave the details open.

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  • ask her brefore someone else does. don't wait, waiting is always a bad move.

    Just ask herout for breakfast after church... done!

    • ahm lunch after church, breakfast is before church.

  • Lol I'm in the same situation bro. Just do it now. I'm going in hard tomorrow.

    • ok fearless banana I wish you luck man.

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    • We supposed to exchange nudes of our prey brah. Alright then.. I guess brah.

    • Dude I'm not doing that. Not only is it disrespect full of them.