Where is a guy supposed to naturally approach/talk to/meet women?

I feel like every place women go, there's some kind of roadblock.

Grocery store - People just go there to get food, in and out. They want to make it quick.

Gym - We're both flushed and sweaty. People just want to work out.

Class/Seminar - People are busy with life. They just want to learn and then GTFO.

Bookstore - I feel like interrupting their reading would be rude.

Bars/Nightlife - She just wants to have fun with her friends.

My job - If we date and it backfires, I'll have to deal with my mistake 40 hours a week.

Her job - It's kind of rude to chat up someone whose job it is to please you so they can make a sale. Plus, women complain about being hit on at work.

Waiting on line at Starbucks - she's texting anyway.

Is there really a good way to naturally meet women in person? I feel invisible. Lots of women feel invisible. But is there just a way to make it happen?


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  • I would say that you can meet friends through friends at pot luck and group hang outs


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  • Classes and Seminars are the best, because you at least share that interest! Bookstores, too, because you can just check the isles and if you find someone in the isle of things you like, pretend you need a book on that shelf, and excuse yourself, smile, and then introduce yourself. Be cautious of the book you pick, as she might ask about it!!
    Grocery stores are good, too, especially if you are a taller guy, and like smaller ladies!! Offering to help them get something off a higher shelf is a great ice-breaker, but have some kind of comment on what she is wanting!! "Oh, prune juice. . . " not a good ice-breaker!! Only a Genius can make that one work!!
    Starbucks, hmmmm, not much into coffee, but long lines at Chipotle, or Panera can be similar. Just accidentally bump into them, apologize and start a conversation. . .
    On the job, rather tricky!! What if it works for a while, then goes south? Could be an uncomfortable place to work. . .
    Talk to the checkers at Target, or Walmart, or wherever!! Try to make them laugh, and smile!! They usually HATE their jobs, so if you can make them smile, you have their attention. . . Besides, sometimes they have the coupons you didn't know about, and give you discounts. . .
    Women aren't poisonous, like rattlesnakes, so just talk to them like you already know them!! They relax, and you relax, especially if you have seen them before, or you purposely choose their line for the check-out at a store. The more comfortable, and familiar they are with you, the more likely they will go out with you, unless they are already involved. . .


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  • You gave ne a feeling I never felt before


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  • I do class and seminar. Bookstores and bars/nightlife are also open. Venues like county fairs, parties, and concerts are also idea. Very rarely will I cold approach a girl anywhere else, though I did do it twice. Both were employees. One at Safeway the other at a Home Goods/TJ Max.

  • Can't help you man. I'm pretty sure we were supposed to meet them earlier. All that's left now is single mothers who cheat on their partners and only thinks of herself and the child that validates her existence or the women that have no right reproducing at all.

    I'm a few years away from offing myself. The only quality women I can find are taken.

    • I think people's social circles and boundaries are set so quickly and firmly. You're either in or out.

  • I don't know women run away from me and find me ugly.

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