Why do I feel bad about this?

So a while ago my crush had told me that we would probably never date. Not for the disinterest in me as a romantic partner , but for the fact that they don't want a relationship in high school. Now Being the easy going person that I am I understand their disinterest in me and the whole construct in dating in general during high school. It wasn't until they continued on after I said I was never going to ask them out that I got upset. They continued saying they would never be interested in me and frankly I'd be wasting my time and getting my hopes up falling for them. Including that I would never have a shot with them. To which I interrupted in anger. I may have cursed them out and stormed off to my next class.

They brought it up recently in a group conversation and my stomach clenched and my shoulders fell. I feel bad about cursing , but I can't stop thinking about what they said to me. How should I feel and how should I get over this?


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  • You were wrong to curse them out. I agree that they could have phrased it better, but still...
    In life you're going to be rejected many times. It doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong with you.


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  • I don't blame you for feeling bad, and they *certainly* could have phrased it better, but I have often recommended that people be very clear to others in the event that they do NOT want to ever become involved.

    Often people, especially girls will be so *gentle* that they don't make their definite disinterest known, and the guy keeps hoping.

    That's bad for everyone. At least this way you're over her.


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