Messed Up Story! Help?

So here is the story.
Last week I was in a city around 1 hour north of where I live and as I was working I saw a very pretty girl. As I was lost in my thoughts on how to approach her she started to walk to her car where her friends were waiting. At that moment I practically ran to her in the middle of the street and asked if I could have her number so we could hang out sometime. About a week goes by and I pop the question if she would be interested in going on a date. With enthusiasm she says, "Yes! :D". While figuring out directions to her house I noticed that she actually lived 2 hours south of me and she wanted me to pick her up. I didn't have a problem with driving so I decided I would drive. The day of the date came and I drove down to her house where as soon as I reached her city she messages me, "Do you think we could go on our date a different day? I'm kind of busy today." When I read the message (because I don't text and drive) I just parked in her driveway. After reading the message I became extremely upset and irritated and decided to call her saying, "I am in your driveway right now..." on the call she was like "Oh shit I didn't actually think you would drive all this way, I guess I will go on the date since you drove all this way. ;)" Than I had to wait an hour for her to get ready and she didn't even invite me in. In the end we went bowling, out to eat and to the movies and I ended up paying for it all! Which again irritated me even more, not even thanking me in the end! When I got home she messaged me asking "what comes of this". I don't know what to do in this situation. And when I told her I was irritated over the whole text message she couldn't understand why! Please help me decide what I should do!


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  • Don't rush into a relationship. Looks really aren't everything, hope she was worth that date. Judging from your response, I guess she wasn't. Girls, for whatever reason, still think that guys should pay for everything. It's good to split the check, especially if you don't know if that person is worth your time. Anyway, be cautious and try not to get carried away.

    • I know that looks aren't everything, but when I talked to her she seemed pretty chill and had a lot in common with me. I guess I just didn't like how she tried to cancel last minute after I drove the distance. I don't think I can be with her after that.

    • Well that really sucks :/ but hey at least it was a learning experience. You'll find someone better who appreciates your efforts :3

    • Thanks... :)

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