Why don't guys like me?

I feel like a lot of guys don't like me. Whenever I like a guy they tend not to like me back. All of my friends are in relationships, engaged, or married. I never get approached by guys but all of my friends do. All the nice guys that I know are taken. The guy I really liked a lot and was even in love with only wanted to be "fwb". I keep asking myself "maybe I'm just super ugly?", "maybe it's your fashion sense?" Or even "maybe you're just meant to be alone forever?" and if a guy has ever liked me (I highly doubt) maybe they just don't want to. How do you know that a guy likes you in college or overall? What should I do?


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  • If a guy really loves you he won't want to be just "fwb" dont settle for that. Im currently doing that with a girl i really like and it hurts


Most Helpful Girl

  • Try approaching men. I learned that sometimes the ones you like, or like you, are super shy and very good at hiding their feelings.


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  • You should be more confident. smile. Be and look approachable.
    And why not? Approach guys yourself.
    NOBODY is ugly i'm sure you find your guy soon.


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  • I used to be in your situation not long ago.
    I have been told to wait until the chances and the right one come. I didn't really believe it but now I do.

    As you can tell, I'm not good-looking anyway, but still I encountered guys really like who I am. I'm not in a clear situation as my ex came back in the picture, but even girl like me would find love, you can definitely find yours too!

    Just give it some time and don't be afraid if there's a chance waiting for you.

    Good luck :)