Does he genuinely like me?

Me and this guy started seeing each other a month ago.. We have been on lovely dates and he used to say some lovely things to me, text me every day, call me every night for hours... couldnt get enough of me!

Recently his ex and a couple of her friends have caused a problem with us and we stopped texting that much and we have no phone calls anymore. However,,, we still spend time together twice a week like normal going for drinks and lunch/dinner etc.

I do have strong feelings for him but when I text him I feel like I annoy him... I want to ask why we have stopped talking that much but I don't want to embarrass myself.

He still kisses me, holds my hand etc. Just not sure why we have stopped talking everyday?

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  • He may have some inner conflict or feel as though he should slow things down to make sure you're completely devoted to the relationship.


What Girls Said 1

  • Give this some time now, @msk3_x and See if thing s just Might go back to the Way we were with More... Texting. If he seems to have this Sour ball and All, it could be because of the Still Open closet that has found no Closure... The Ex
    However, you said a Mouthful when you brought up this "Ex" Skeleton from the Past, that there could be a Reason now in his own Season and he could be Pulling back Some because he feels he is Now caught in the Middle of the "Past" that wasn't a Blast... She could be rattling his chains with her own Gains.
    Go light for now. Give him Some time to Sort this out. He hasn't put you on a Back Burner, he still shows attention, but just because he is not Pushing buttons like before, he could be "Pushing" them with her to Try and Work out these old "Skeletons" and perhaps Too... Get her to Float on out with her Other Casper the Ghosts.
    Good luck. xx

    • So do you think I should not text him for a while? Or text him and say something like 'why don't we speak anymore babe' act relaxed see what he says?

    • If you both are still texting, but no, maybe not like before, and he is still giving you attention, which you say he is, go along for awhile. However, if it Changes where he is ignoring you and NOT texting, then talk to him. It sounds like she is trying to sway him back. xx