How do men find that 'window' of opportunity to approach women?

This is just a question I am asking out of curiosity, and is not related to me because my dating experience has been minimal, and I don't even know if I would want to date. But anyway, here goes.

At any given point in time, a woman's status is one of these:-
1) In a relationship or married
2) Nursing the wounds of a breakup (which means, she is not open to date).
3) Crushing hard on some dude (again, this means she isn't open to date anyone else)
4) Focussing on career or something else.

So how do men even find that small window of opportunity to approach a woman, when she is single AND available AND willing to date AND is attracted to the man?

Not saying dating is easier for women, but as a man I can't see women's point of view. Besides, since I have hardly dated, these have just been my observations (because almost all females I know, fall into one of the categories I mentioned).

It seems rather strange, because the male and female population in the world is almost equal, which means 'theoretically' men and women should be able to pair up without too many hassles.

Anyone? I'm getting impatient! Lol! :P
Some answers from the ladies would be much appreciated! :P


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  • too complicated for many gaggers on here and many who are smarter just have no time to go into this. i am long time gagger so it makes sense. i know with other questions gaggers either answer or won't because it depends on how they feel.

    • yeah, it's like most men are as clueless as me, and those who aren't, do not really wish to share their wisdom! :P

    • I actally am One of the Ones who are the wisest and do find the time when i have it.

    • Thank you for the MHO as an anon this time @aficionado and always i am honest.

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  • You forgot the biggest window of all :-

    5) When she's just as single as men and looking for nobody in particular but is open to dating

    They're almost all like that when they're young, however at your (our) age you've kinda missed that big window. Anyway they can still be found, you just need to go to places where single women frequent - you also need to make yourself stand out from the crowd to make them crush on you.

    • Do women even enter that phase when they are single yet have one one in mind?
      Also, I know I missed my ride, and I am too socially awkward as well (At age 30 I have only approached ONE woman in my life, can you believe it?), so I was just asking out if curiosity. Besides, I have a lot of other shit going on in my life (professionally), so I have kinda gotten used to the single life!

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    • Listen @ aficionado this is what your problem is... you don't try or u give up easily... u still don't understand girls... let me tell according to ma a lot of girls have aggressive behaviour as they know that many mens wants her... so in that case she'll only choose that guy who needs her badly or who loves her the most. .. u should never ever give up on a girl until she is being frustrated with u... chasing a girl little bit is not wrong little chase makes a girl feel good.. she'll think that she is important to u... so please change ur perspective n attitude towards girls... may be this'll help u

    • @Kelania

      Is that so? To be very honest, I do not like 'chasing' anyone. A relationship should be built on both partners wanting and desiring each other. If I have to actually 'convince' a woman to give me a chance, it means she does not really like me. Also, I do not like to harass girls by persisting with them even after she has shown disinterest.

      I know that in movies, the hero keeps going behind the heroine even after she rejects him, and she finally accepts. But in reality, she will term it as harassment! :P

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  • You forgot... Woman's status
    5) lonely/looking for love
    6) Horny looking to just hook up

    I usually treat girls nice and lightly flirt and if they flirt back so be it. I don't aggressively hitting on girls... and let them make the move if their interested.

    I find this way easier since 90% of women are so vague in showing what they want/ the signal they give off. If their interested good if they just what to be friends so be it. They usually see how I treat the girl I'm will that it peaks their interest.

    • How do you even identify when a woman is lonely or horny, since they are usually so secretive about it? Also, even if they are lonely or horny, they still have one particular dude they are fantasising about, so the doors aren't open for others (or those who aren't close to 'the one').

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    • @Kelania

      Haha, I wish I could! I am so clueless about women, due to my inexperience with them. I don't know the proper way to approach them, and most importantly, I have no idea how to get them interested in me! :P

    • You're not alone... that's why most guys don't actually listen to his girl...75% of the time they don't make sense or you don't even know what they are talking about.. LOL.

      Just nod and smile ;-)