Am I a bad guy? Is it all fair in love and war? Guys and Girls help me pls?

- I liked this girl but she had a boyfriend, so i said ok bye if it doesn't workout with boyfriend then let me know. I dont fck with women who are not single and available.

- I act cool infront of her, but I'm a stalker, and I have stalked her and her boyfriend and I have created so many misunderstanding between both of them by abusing her through fake accounts etc, and now she thinks it's her boyfriend who is her backstabber.

-The boyfriend has changed his status to single on fb.

- I feel happy and sad aswell, Am i really a bad person? Pls help me

  • Dude you are bad, karma will hit you back.
  • All is fair in love and war, if their love was strong nothing would have created misunderstandings between them.
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  • Yea dude, that was a shitty thing to do. If you dont fuck with them, dont fuck with them. It's not on you to MAKE them single. She's probably miserable and unhappy. You caused a bunch of problems over nothing because you're selfish.

    • But I like her a lot and I feel so jealous when she is in his arms.
      And now i feel so happy when he changed his status to single on fb.
      Im just a human being who wants love :(

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    • Is it my fault that she did not meet me before her bf?
      And, Im a strange dude who will do everything in his capacity to steal her, if her boyfriend is so stupid to not understand my game, then he probabely doesn't deserve her aswell.

    • No, it's no one's fault but that doesn't mean that you should have gone out of your way to ruin her relationship. Just because they broke up doesn't mean that she'll be with you anyways. I'm sorry but you sound really manipulative and that's not how you build a happy healthy relationship.

  • That's creepy.

    • Thats my LOVE.

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    • She cries her eyes out what i heard nowdays.
      Coz she really loved him and now she doesn't trust him coz she thinks that he abuses her behind her back and talks sweetly on her face, she has lost trust in him.
      And the guy also changed his status to single on fb.
      Now after that guy, I'm the guy she has stongest emotional bond with, she has no where to go except me.

    • @asker Did you not just see anything wrong with what you just said? I hope she doesn't ever go in a relationship with you. You have serious problems. I recommend you take therapy, or go to a asylum institution. You need help. I hope someone hurts you has bad as you hurt her. I'm going to keep hoping that you're making all this shit up, but if you aren't I advise you to get help.

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  • hehehe... sneaky... i love it. i like the evil aspect of it...
    i just find it quite interesting that you said you leave unavailable women alone but didn't leave this one alone. If i were to do something like that, it would just be for evil satisfaction... because i don't think i could ever date her after that. i'd be torn with guilt.

    • But i like her a lot and i feel jealous as fck when she is with him,
      Im bad i know, but what should i do?

    • its up to you, but i can already tell that this relationship is doomed. if you just want to date her to get it out of your system, go ahead. you want to ask why i say its doomed? lets assume you finally get to date her, if the guilt of knowing you caused the last break up doesn't eat you alive, but things start to get "serious" with her and you become more open, one day, the truth will come up, so ur screwed either way.