Is this a good"Goodbye" text message to end things with this guy?

Basically I realize for my own self and growth I need to let this guy go. We've been seeing each other for maybe 6 weeks. He isn't looking to be committed now bc he's dealing with his own trust issues. We've discussed it.. And how he "doesn't want to hurt anyone" but he cannot be in a relationship now. I feel like he is omitting certain things but that's okay. I gave him a huge chance- I've been seeing him, I've slept over, I've been there for him, like he doesn't have a car so I've done him favors; I've opened up to him; we've had sex... And to find out he is still seeking to meet with other women just hurts. I know I am a catch and have a lot to offer. I've got men asking me out daily.. I was SO down for him, I'm not sure if he knows but I think based on my behavior he should.

That said, I don't think I can see him again bc I won't have the power to say no. It's been a full week since I've seen him, a few days and no word from him. He'll teach out soon, I know he will... I'm thinking of sending him something like "Hey, it's been nice getting to know you and I enjoyed the times we had, and I do like you, but I feel as if I cannot continue seeing you anymore because I don't feel like its healthy for me, especially when I feel as if my effort is not being reciprocated. It looks like we both desire different things right now. "

Any changes? Anything else? I half want him to maybe think oh damn I messed up, and half do want to say goodbye.


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  • I think you should leave out "especially when I feel as if my effort is not being reciprocated." It reveals resentment and it adds nothing to your overall message.

    Change "It looks like we both desire different things right now. " to "We both need different things right now." It sounds more decisive and final.

    • I like that, thanks !

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  • Say it to his face! Don't hide behind a text message!

    • I'm not hiding but I don't want to see him anymore

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