He's afraid he may loose me what does he really mean?

I just started dating this guy we talk to each other a lot he also has been telling me about his past and current life. He told me he's afraid of loosing me because he's afraid he won't be able to make me happy or pleasure me in the bed. We really like each other and want to build a strong relationship. We also talked about meeting our families. He doesn't have many friends and he doesn't feel to let tons of people in his life to be happy as long as he has family and someone who treats one another right and make each other happy that's all that matters.

We also put it on Facebook we are in a relationship together


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  • He's insecure and wants you to reassure you like or love him

    • I told him how I feel about him. I told him about my insecurities and he told me about his we both told one another no matter what we should be confident.

    • That's not enough. It's going to be a constant thing

    • Yeah hopefully it can be worked on

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  • I'd be a bit careful. In my experience if you've reassured him and given him every reason to believe you, he shouldn't be thinking this way.
    I've found that a guy who's not happy or secure in himself generally starts to become a bit jealous and possessive if you're out with your friends.
    For now, keep an eye on it and reassure him. He might just need a bit of a confidence boost. If it continues you might need to look at other options.


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  • He doesn't want you to leave him

    • He told me it's not that he's insecure it's just that his ex didn't put up the effort being pleased by him she felt like it was a choir she would just lay their.

    • I don't know I mean by what you say he sounds insecure and it looks like he feels that he has to walk on eggshells, that doesn't sound healthy, just my honest opinion, also you say that you reassured him but he keeps doing the same thing, if he doesn't stop this is going to be a constant thing with him you know.

    • Ok thanks

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  • He means exactly that.. I'm not sure what you're confused about? It means that he likes you and wants you to be in his life and doesn't want to be the cause of you leaving him.