Signs of attraction or just not into me? We've been texting for 5 months. We decided to meet up once but I fell asleep as he was running late?

We finally met up now and he came to pick me up. The conversation was going good and we spent the whole night talking and having some drinks. He asked me once if my make up would stay on his face if he gave me a birthday kiss - I just laughed and politely said yes. He was calling me w baby girl/babe a lot complimented me. He asked if I ever leave my place without make up as I usually wear a lot. I said yes and removed it in front of him. He said that was probably the coolest thing a girl he just met has ever done. I could feel his hands touching gently my bum. He also came close to talk to me. When we went to bed, he accidentally touched my breasts and put his leg on mine or touched his feet to mines. But didn't do anything more. We were talking about our old conversations and I said I was surprised when he said we could be friends when I was seeing another guy. And he said he doesn't really wanted a friendship but relationship. When we woke up, he apologised he couldn't drop me home but told me the directions and asked a few times if I was alright and told me to text him when I get home. I did and he replied to my message and asked some other things. I replied but didn't really ask him anything so he didn't message me. It's been a day now I haven't heard from him. I don't know if he's into me as we haven't even kissed or he's just shy. What shall I do?


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  • It's only been a day. That sounds like a pretty good date and all good signs, but you said you're seeing someone else? Because of that he's probably not putting all of his effort into it because he knows you're already kinda taken. I think you can just text him first if you have something to say, or even tell him you really enjoyed your time together and would like to see him again soon.

    • I used to date another guy but I've stopped and he knows that. It was two months ago xxx thanks for your opinion

    • Ahh I see, okay then I think you're good to go! It sounds like he's just a gentleman and taking his time.

    • Thanks for MH :) hope you get a second date soon!

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