Is this a date or just friendly?

I work in an office as a receptionist. I've been here for 4 years now. About thre two years ago a guy who works in the office who is generally not very social started talking to me. We ended up seeing a movie in the park together and having drinks after work on a few separate occasions. I confided in a friend at work that I was surprised that someone who doesn't socialize with coworkers would agree to spending time with me. She told me that another girl in the office had asked him out a few times and while he said yes they just never went out because he would never commit to a plan. So here I am actually getting him out but also getting him to plan and follow up. He had to cancel one time and he called to reschedule and explain. After that summer, nothing ever came of it and I got the impression that he was nervous about the coworkers aspect. I moved on and dated other people.
A few weeks ago while laughing about something he had done while talking to me, I told a friend about how he talks to me and finds reasons to hang around my desk. She was convinced he likes me. So I brought up that it was movies in the park time and he asked me right away if I wanted to go. Somehow we ended up with plans to see two movies and a possible game of thrones marathon. All his idea. We went to a movie already. Had drinks before hand. It was easy to talk to him. We talked about random stuff and work. When we started talking about fitbits and he asked where I kept mine. I told him on my bra which started a conversation about my bra that he seemed into. Later during the movie we were both cold he said he would have offered me his shirt but no one wants to see that. I jokingly offered him my bra for his pants and he accepted. After the movie he said next time we should bring drinks and chairs. What I'm trying to figure out is if these were dated and if he is into me. It's so hard to tell because he's kind of shy.


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  • Pam, is that you?

    Seriously, watch The Office. If you notice any similarities... well, you should be able to figure it out.

    • Haha I love that show. He does tend to hang around my desk. We have a few inside jokes. We talk about stuff. Not sure anyone is as cute or romantic as Jim is with Pam.

  • It's a boner date. He wants to bone you, but doesn't want a relationship.

    • He had chances to do that but never has. Going for the slow play!

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  • I think he might be interested. Keep hanging out with him and keep us informed!

    • He's hard to read but either way fun to talk to

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