Should I try and get to know this girl or just forget about it?

I was just out at this store that is nearby to get a cold treat cause its hot here today and was this stunning young women working the cash , there is usually some girls that work there during the summer but haven't seen her around here before. she'd be a bit younger than me but she seemed like a descent girl and pretty good looking for her age.
but have meet some other girls who worked at that store over the years and always found it tough to get to know them if I just saw them at work and I don't even know if she's single. I could go back there , its a small town and one of a couple stores here but I don't know if it lead to anything even if I tried to get to know her?


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  • You need to get to know her

    Start with a compliment and maybe ask her if she wants to grab a coffee sometime.

    Dont do all at once tho, do it gradually like every other day , say something to her , while buying something of course.

    • there isn't a lot of places to go nearby where she works , the most obvious being a small restaurant I have never been to even though I live not far from it , is also a couple small parks , one with a beach and docks.
      last night somewhat awkward as no one else in store , normally its fairly busy , which might make it harder to talk to her

    • @Asker her out and the beach , docks and restaurant can work out well. Tho, I would start with a lunch/dinner date first.

    • thanks for mho

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