A girl just abruptly stops texting?

So I met this girl off a dating site, we texted quite a bit before we met. Things went well when we met, a few days after I asked her out on a date and she said yes. I continued to text her, not all day mind you some at night.. well just recently texted her and asked her how she was.. no response... a few hours later I couldn't sleep so I texted her and said ask how she was again... no answer..

So I'm confused now, I haven't texted her in like 2 days but she also hasn't texted me, I've seen her online but she hasn't said anything that way either... She works at night so I know texting her that late isn't a problem

So I guess I wanna know... Should I just let it go another day or so then text again or just wait until she contacts me.. Also she told me before hand she doesn't like talking on the phone so I don't wanna call her.

Yeah, I just let it go now, I messaged her one last time, nothing bad but I'm letting it go .


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  • Wow, this once happened to me too. Exactly the same thing. Haha. I take that heartbreaking reaction from him as a one sided love for me. So, what I'm trying to say was, maybe she's not interested with you. If she is, she'll definitely respond to every of your texts or anything. And when she's online like you said, and she obviously knew you were online too, she would have acknowledge you first.

  • I don't think she's interested anymore. She's too nice to say that she's not interested in dating you, probably because she doesn't want to hurt your feelings, so it's just easier for her to ignore your texts instead. Stop communicating with her and move on. You don't want to seem too clingy or needy. Give her some room. If she decides she does want to date you, then she should be the one to initiate contact seeing as how she's the one who stopped it in the first place.


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