What do you do if she's not texting you back?

So, my friends and I decided to go out this weekend. We ended up at a club where I noticed this girl from across the room. She happened to work there, so striking up conversation wasn’t that difficult. When I approached her, she seemed immediately receptive to me. She was smiling, laughing, and striking up conversations without me having to bring up topics first. We ended up talking all night, actually, and not only did she have a fantastic personality, she’s beautiful too. Near the end of the evening, she started getting sick and clocked out early. Before she left, she had me stand up so she could hug me; I asked for a number and she gave it to me. I thought we had a really good night. Due to the circumstances, she wasn’t allowed to give me her real name in the club, so I texted her after she left and got her real name. We also texted a bit more throughout the night. She was laughing and sending smiles. I dunno, everything seemed great! I told her to text me some time, she said she would; we said our good nights, and stopped texting. This was Sat. night. It’s Wed.

I texted her on Sunday at around 7pm askin’ how she felt. She’d been feeling pretty sick that previous night, so I was genuinely concerned. No response. I didn’t really know what to think. I then texted her two days later, just trying to strike up convo. No response.

I just… I can’t get her out of my head and I don't know if I’m the furthest thing from hers or not. I’d love to see her again, or hell, at least speak with her. I just don’t know if this means that she’s just not that into me. Any suggestions as to what I should do?


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  • my advice as a girl...is text her hey beatiful ( girls love being called that) last weekend was a lot of fun we should do it again sometime(:

    (make sure you add the smiley face haha)


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  • Maybe she meets new guys all the time and thought you were friend material. Also she could be really sick that she doesn't want to deal with anybody right now. Hey, at least you have a chance, don't worry so much. You should always be like this with other women who interest you. If you see her again at the club, talk to her again and if she is nervous or very quiet, then she doesn't really have those kind of feelings towards you. She just gave you her phone number to be nice and not your feelings. Good luck!

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