How do you know if a guy you're casually dating is also casually dating someone else?

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  • I read a few of the answers. Someone can easily have their phone disconnected or on off. Texting is not a universal phenomenon. If he goes on several dates but skips weekends or occasional weekends could be seeing someone on the side. Or seeing you on the side. There is something that's bothering you something that is making you suspicious. What is it? The final thing is your 19 years old you should be seeing another guy on the side. It's too early to commit. Now I'm not an old fogey but how do you know that this guy is someone you must commit to unless you been around.

    • I figured that we weren't exclusive, so I went out with another guy. And he was nice, and we got along well, but the whole time, I couldn't stop thinking about the other guy, and I just ended up feeling bad. I guess that's when I realized I messed up and caught feelings. And I know his phone wasn't on silent, because he did get a call from a family member, and he was showing me stuff on his phone pretty periodically.

    • At age 19 you've got to get over feeling bad. Go out with different guys even if you feel bad after the date. Something tells me eventually you won't feel bad. But I'll tell you what. When this guy finds out he'll get jealous mad or confront you. At that point you can tell him, "well I didn't know this was an exclusive relationship." That's the hook. You get him to tell you don't you force it on him. You go out with other guys and enjoy yourself and stop feeling bad about. Let him feel bad about it. You get it?

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  • "I'm not looking for anything serious at the moment"

    • Funny thing is, I'm the one that said that, but I think I might be catching feelings :/

    • Ahah never underestimate your feelings lol if you've told him that and his taken that as a cue for you not wanting to commit, then his likely to be dating other people. If he wants to find someone that wants to commit with him he'd find her.

      You need to tell him how you feel. What happened to how you felt before when you said "you weren't looking for anything serious" and how you feel about him now. Whether if that was "it was too early to really know how you felt" and "I started to like you when (this and this happened)" things like that

    • Thank you for MH

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  • If you haven't had the exclusivity talk , then it's safe to assume that it is not out of question the guy is also "casually dating someone".

    • I've gone on several dates with him last week, each a few hours long, and he didn't receive any text messages during these dates. He also says he doesn't date often. Is that a good sign?

    • Don't see how "didn't receive any text messages during these dates" relates to exclusivity , it's just basic courtesy to switch the phone to silent when something important is going on.
      I think you're reading into nothing here.

    • Again each for a few hours long doesn't mean anything. Guys will go out with two with three girls in one day – been there done that.

  • If it's casual, then you shouldn't care, as long as your not having sex with Casanova. f you have feelings for him tell him so, and that it must be only you he dates. Are you ready for that?

  • Simple
    By asking him 😂 LOL


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  • Ask him.
    If you're not exclusive he has no reason to lie

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