Is it that he just doesn't want to see me or?

So I've talked to this guy for 2 months now and we get along so well. It's like we're the same person. We don't live near each other so we've only met twice, though it was on a weekend when he was in town for a friend. We often express how we feel comfortable and confident with each other and yeah, we pretty much have said that we like each other very much. We talk all day every day through texts or snapchat.
The thing is though, I really want to see him again and I give him signs of that. But he doesn't seem to notice or care? It's pretty obvious though.
He was supposed to come to me two weeks ago but he was so hung over that he couldn't. It hurt me a little that he would drink so much (idc otherwise) the day before he was supposed to meet me. But he cancelled it and I said that he had to take initiative next time he wanted to see me. It's been two weeks and he hasn't said a word about wanting to meet me. Like, he doesn't even try to plan out next date and it really bothers me. Why is he like this?


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  • Sounds like he's just not that in to you. Trust me, you want no part of that guy. It sounds like he isn't into having a serious relationship at this point in his life.

    • I'm usually kinda good at noticing if a guy doesn't like me. But the guy I'm talking to now, like we talk as if we're already in a relationship. He always tells me how good I look (even though that isn't that easy for him as he's extremely shy), how good of a person I am and how much he likes me. So it's like every aspect of a relationship is there but it's just that this part of meeting that is missing. We already talk on the phone and so on. We've both been busy at these months so I get that we don't really have the time to meet since there is a distance. But I just don't get how he doesn't even talk about the meeting part. Maybe he's waiting until the busy part that is now, is over?

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  • Because he doesn't want to. It's that simple. If he wanted to see you, he would take the initiative and make plans with you and follow-through.