Once the trust of a woman is broken? Can itbe regained? Guys and Girls pls help me?

- My girlfriend started liking another guy, i got very insecure about this, so I manipulated her a bit, so that she gets turned off towards that guy and move towards me.

- she started spending time with me and kind of forgot that dude, but now she got to know the reality and shut all contact with me.

- Im scared to death that she will run into that guys arms.

What should I do? Pla help me

  • Its called karma, she will go into his arms forever, you fuckd up big time.
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  • Apologise to her, tell her how much u love her, she might forgive u.
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I Abused her from fake number and said its that guy.


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  • Apologize, because that's the right thing to do. But that doesn't mean that she's going to forgive you or that she'll ever trust you again or come back. That was shitty. Don't do that to anyone ever again. If she runs to him there's nothing you can do, and you need to let her go. You fucked it up.

    • What are the chances of her going to him? out of 100?

    • Really high lol. Like probably 90 or above.

      Did you post this question yesterday? And she just found out?

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  • I think it's too late. She knows you'll say anything to get what you want. This is what happens when you manipulate people. Reap what you have sown.

    • So once trust is broken, is it done forever?

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    • Nah, she is extremely intelligent and she did spying like FBI and herself found out that it was me who abused hher and since theb, no contact from her.
      Should i consider my relation over-

    • Yeah. You're done.

  • The one thing that a girl loves the most is when a guy is up front with her and honest about any and everything. Your not totally doomed but you might have to face the consequences.


  • How did you 'manipulate her a bit'?

    • I abused her from fake number and said its that guy.

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    • @DearLife is it done forever?
      And, what are the chances of her going to that guy?

    • It's most likely over.

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