Should I message him back after one night stand/holiday romance?

I was on holiday this weekend and the first night I got chatting to a guy. We stayed out clubbing till 6am and had a good laugh. We shared a kiss and swapped numbers. I jokingly said to him "oh, your not married with kids are you!" to which he went pretty quiet and then told me he had a little girl but he wasn't with the mother and only got to see her at weekends etc. The next day we were messaging all day and met up several times for drinks etc and ended up sleeping together throughout the day. Another great night clubbing till the early and hours and went back together and had sex again that night and the following morning before we both left. We messaged that day just the general had a great holiday, hope your home safe etc...

I had a great time with him but just accepted it as a holiday thing and so now were back home i had no intention of keeping in contact and honestly didn't expect him to keep contact. Espc as i got the feeling he may not have been being completely honest and probably is still with the childs mother. he wouldn't even tell me his last name ( He was on holiday for a friends stag do)

I only replied to his messages on the day i got back from holiday and have since been ignoring him thinking if he has gone home to a wife and kids then I have given him an easy get out. However he has messaged me everyday for the last 4 days despite me ignoring them and not replying. Why is he still messaging me?


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  • Well if he's still messaging you, well obviously he still wants to stay in touch. But long distance relationship rarely work out, so I'll just remain ignoring him. But in the end of the day is up to you.