It's taking me too long to figure out what to say?

I messaged a girl with a really strong match last night on OK cupid got a friendly message back this morning I read it and saw they were on and now my stupid brain can't come up with what to say back and it said they were logged on as well as a sort of excuse I'm also dealing with deadlines for something else work related as well and quite tired in fact i'm surprised I seem to have spelled this all right.
I think the taking ages to message back can just be brains not coming up with the right thing to say stupid brains?

Though it took me ages I messaged and got one back that I could message back to a lot more quickly hopefully it should be a bit easier now fingers crossed.
Now I'm not sure my second message was as good though. Reading over it it sounds a bit stupid


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  • If there's no chemistry you can't force the conversation. But don't overthink it and talk to her like you're chatting to a friend and telling them about your day. It makes women feel informed and you appear genuine.


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  • if you are facing deadlines, maybe you shouldn't be logged on...

    • There under control Plus it's something that's quite stop start lots of waiting involved
      waiting for downloads builds etc

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