Guys, Girls, when you add a strange on facebook, do you expect him to talk to you?

Sometimes I want to meet new girls from around so I add them on facebook but I take some time to start a conversation. Should I start the conversation right away?


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  • Did you know there are websites specifically for dating people? And facebook is not one of them. I don't accept strangers onto my facebook...

  • I don't add strangers on facebook. The only time I add a "stranger" is if it's someone I've never met but have some connection to, like senior year of high school when I added people who were going to the same college as me, or adding friends/family members of my best friends. And then, I would only talk to them if I had something to say to them.
    How do you even find complete strangers on facebook? Even suggested friends are people that you have a bunch of mutual friends with, so chances are you are connected to them in some way (like they go to your school, or you've heard your friends talk about them)