Am I being ignored, what do you do if he doesn't text back?

I have been talking to a guy for almost 3.5 months now. In the beginning he responded to me pretty quick. We had conversations and it was nice. But lately I notice that he is taking longer to respond to my texts. One time I felt like I was bothering him so I asked if everything was ok. He told me that I don't bother him he's just a bad texter and he doesn't text a lot whole lot. And he said he has been busy but didn't go into details about what. Yesterday I asked him if he was busy this week and if he wants to hang out. I didn't get a response yet. Lately I feel like I have been chasing him. I'm starting to feel like I'm bothering him or that he doesn't want to talk to me. He told me that he likes me and more but recently he's so sparse with his text I'm starting to think he doesn't want to talk to me. I have shown him and told him that I'm interested in him. He told me that he likes me and more but I would like to see that. I was thinking I should just back off and stop reaching out to him and texting. Maybe I need to create distance and space. Should I send anymore texts after the last one I got no response to? Or should I completely back off for a while? If I finally hear from him should I bring up the unanswered text?


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  • A girl who is a friend of mine had the same problem.

    He don't want you anymore.

    Learn from that, you see, when you ask if it's everything ok, you lost it. He now knows you're in his hands, and the attraction is now gone.

    When a man wants, there is no such thing as busy, yes maybe if it's his mother birthday he won't go out that day even if he wanted, but if he was still into you, he would be chasing you girl.

    You girls don't seen to understand... if the guy is not chasing you, IT'S BECAUSE HE DON'T GIVE A F about you, when the guy want's, he will show it.

    give up, when a girl don't want a guy, there is always a small chance... but when a guy don't want a girl, nothing in this earth will change his mind, don't text anything else, delete his number, go to the next, and endear yourself more

    [brazilian here so disregard errors]


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  • I give you my own MHO here, dear, with a lot of your Own Right Answers With... Maybe I need to create distance and space.
    Everything was New and Exciting in the Begiining of this Beguine but as time went on, he May have felt Smothered and yes, "Bothered" and the Chase and the Challenge Now... Doesn't want to talk to me. He could have a Slight Sour ball in his mouth.
    No more Pressing any more Bothersome Buttons. If he Cares enough and is Missing you any, he will Push a few Buttons of his Own on his End and if Not.. Find a new Friend.
    This is one Lessen in life that you have Learned, that if you Chase too Much, you are No longer going to be this Juicy apple way at the Top of his Cherry tree.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you. I realize that maybe I have chased him too much. I'm still a juciy apple at the top of the tree. If not his tree that's fine. It will be his loss because overall I'm a decent person and I have a lot to offer. I guess I have answered my own question. I just need to stop texting him and such. If he wants to talk to me he has my number. And if he likes me he will show me.

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    • Thank you for the Like, sweetie, and so welcome.. xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • He has lost interests for some reason and by you constantly texting him is making him more and more less interested bc its starts to look clingy and desperate like you have no life to him.

    Back off like you said bc its clear he doesn't want to talk to you anymore or is turned off by how much you are initiating the contacts

    Trust me if a man wants you, he will not be doing what he was doing. So stop hitting his phone and see what happens. he may or may not contact you.

    He is not that into you. even if he does hit you up out of nowhere, doesn't mean anything unti he starts showing you consistency and equal interests. Dont bring up how he has been avoiding you if he does all/text bc thats what he is gonna expect you to do. Just act normal to whatever it is he says and dont respond back right away. Make him a wait maybe 30 mins to an hour before you respond to show your not just so caught up on him. keep me updated

  • He is no longer interested. You should back off.

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