Could he still be hung up on his ex (it's been a year?) ? Or is he just not into me?

Kinda sad guys :/
I've been seeing this guy for a month now, but right away he told me he cannot handle a relationship, and he told me he and his ex of 2 years broke up a year ago, she cheated on him when he moved to this country. He's still here; she is over there with the guy she cheated on him with and they're still together. Date 2, He told me he isn't ready for a relationship, and he spent months sleeping around but that isn't him either. Yet, he wants to meet me and get to know me.. For what? We've spent hours and hours together, but recently he has backed away... It's been a full week and a half since he has seen me or tried to.

Could it be because he is still hung up on his ex? Or is still hurting? He doesn't follow many people on Instagram, but he follows her and likes her stuff at times. He also posted something like "you can't come back to a heart you once left" or something... I don't know I just sense it bc he also played this break up song about cheating when we are hanging out and sang along to it with his guitar.

Should I just walk away from this situation? I do think he likes me, he says he does. But he gets super distant at times and says he has things on his mind or is busy. I know he's talking to other women at bars or on tinder or online too, like his habits after his break up, which sets me off. Is this a case of he's not into me or it's his own past issues?


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  • he could definitely still be hung up on his girlfriend. i dated a woman for almost two years and she cheated on me. it took me a looong time to get over it. now some people may get over those things quickly but for many (especially in a relationship that long) the healing process can be lengthy. i know for me after a year i definitely wasn't ready to date again

    so he may not be into you but i'd definitely say there's a good chance he's not over his ex... either way it's probably best for you to kind of put him on the back burner til he is ready, if he ever is


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  • Yes you should walk away. He can't give you 100% of him


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  • "Yet, he wants to meet me and get to know me."
    He wants to add you to the list of the chicks he has banged.
    "Should I just walk away from this situation?"

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