How pathetic is my situation? Piggy-backing between 2 guys?

Okay.. I'm laughing now but it's only because it's masked in my own pity and sorrow.

Decemeber of last year, I met this guy. He wasn't my type but he was super attractive.. So I thought why not try my first one night stand 😅 Problem is, I kept going back and back and back... And I grew attached to him. Then of course he wanted nothing to do with me. He made me chase him like none other. He's this college athlete who has never been in a relationship... He was totally just using me for sex. I chased him around and let him lie to me 2/3 months.. Heart let down after heart let down.

I met this new guy who I thought could help me forget the athlete. I just completely fell for him the instant I met him... You know just when you meet someone and they seem to be all you're looking for? Yeah. I dropped the college athlete in a heartbeat. Yet, the new dude was not in a position to want to start something serious since he was recovering from being cheated on & break up. Unfortunately, even when I knew this, I continued to see him hoping that he'd come around (foolish- women, please never have hopes like such), and well.. Now 1.5 months later, all my dreams are crashing in.. He has been ignoring me for no reason. He knows I've caught full feelings for him.. Yes we've slept together too.. I'm CRAZY for the guy.
and right as he backed away and is ignoring me... College athlete all of a sudden is hitting me up & wanting to see me. Now, I'm going to see him in hopes to detach myself from the other guy, when originally I had seen that guy in order to detach myself from the college athlete.

Why do I love pain?


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  • You are a cliche... but one that guys can learn from. To any guys reading this, take note of every single word she says and remember it. Take the red pill or at least never ever commit because most of them are just like this... until they reach the age of 30...

    • ? If one of these men wanted to commit to me I would totally be down. They're the ones messing with my head

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  • "Why do I love pain? "
    Because it makes you feel alive.

    Anyway, I think it would be best to forget about both of them.

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